Build A Box: Customize a Personalized Gift for Him/Her/Them

Build A Box: Customize a Personalized Gift for Him/Her/Them

Have you ever had to rush out and pick up a gift for someone, last minute, despite whatever else may already be going on in your life?

We feel ya!

Work-life balance is hard enough to maintain as it is.

Whether you’re having a busy day at the office…

Traveling abroad…

Or perhaps you’re simply always on the go.

It’s not always easy to make something special out of the ordinary.

That’s why our mission at Yours Truly Gift Co. is to make sure we take care of the most time-consuming parts of gift-giving for you.

The idea of gift-giving may seem like a complex one, but it doesn’t have to be.

Yours Truly Gift Co. is here to help you make someone’s day in just 3 easy steps:

Every day can be made special with our customizable build-your-own box feature which allows you to personalize a custom gift box for your very special someone on any occasion.

What is a better idea for him/her/them than cute, quirky and memorable gift wrapped in one of our gorgeous, Yours Truly signature Nude or Black gift boxes?

Our Build a Box product selections are perfect for any occasion: Seasonal Holidays (Christmas), Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, or even as a thank-you for your very special someone.

Here comes the fun part!

Choose from an array of unique, sentimental gifts we have specially hand-selected for our Build-a-Box collection!

First, check your cart to confirm the items you have successfully added to your box:

Then, simply fill out the details required at check-out to ensure that your delivery will arrive exactly when and where it’s supposed to.

Confirm your payment method and details as instructed and allow our site a moment to work its magic.

That’s it!

Now, we just have to wait for your special someone to tell you how much they loved their Yours Truly Gift. 😉

Get started building your own box today.

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